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Advanced Coatings, Inc. (ACI) is a high quality wet coatings specialty business located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Our goal at ACI is to deliver superior painted components, on-time, at a competitive price, with exceptional customer service. ACI has been in business since 1983 and specializes in the application of liquid primers, topcoats, military coatings, specialty coatings, zinc phosphate and aluminum conversion coatings.Our 37,000 square foot facility in West Bend, Wisconsin is equipped with state of the art pre-treatment and painting equipment. ACI is equipped with a 9 stage continuous flow wash line and 5 independent paint lines with cure ovens. ACI also has on site sandblast capability, off-line chemical wash capability and off-line paint capability for larger components. ACI’s process layout allows us the flexibility to handle even the most demanding requirements.

ACI is experienced in the application of most industrial and commercial coatings and has become a military coatings specialty company, serving the military market since 1983.

In October of 2017, ACI added a 90,000 square foot facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Facility provides a variety of industrial protective coating and painting services, primarily

  • Wet Paint (CARC): Painting and chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) for military applications are performed via a conveyer painting line or with spray guns in paint booths, which are attached to a batch oven.
  • E-Coat: A black Cationic Epoxy electro-coating line that is compliant with multiple industry standards and was manufactured by TTX.
  • Other Services: Multiple pre-treatment services, including alodine and other ELV-conversions, various types of blasting.
  • COMING SOON! Powder Coating: A conveyer powder coating line that has the capability to use a multiple stage zinc-phosphate pre-treatment system and an epoxy primer to provide corrosion protection. Offline powder coating is performed with spray guns in a dedicated booth.


To ensure our customers receive a quality product, we utilize the following measures:

  • Process Control following ISO 9001:2015 Standards
  • Testing By Qualified Inspectors
  • Fully Documented Quality Procedures
  • PS100 Audit for Oshkosh Truck
  • E-Coat available at ACI-Oshkosh
  • 7 Year Record Keeping

We follow the most stringent quality control initiatives and utilize cutting-edge technologies to ensure precision and consistency for parts of all shapes and sizes.

By using a modern facility and using first rate materials, we are able to guarantee consistency and quality. We believe that by investing in our equipment, and our work force, we can provide a superior finished product which, in turn, results in satisfied customers and repeat business. Over the years we have heavily invested in our plant and equipment to provide in-house facilities to cover all aspects of pre-treatment and processing required for the Military, Defense, Specialist and Industrial sectors.

When you need the job done right, call ACI. We strive to deliver only the best service and product.

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