Our capabilities include cabinets in a variety of sizes to provide additional surface cleaning and solutions. We are experienced in blasting a variety of metals using different blast media. Our range of media includes 36 grit aluminum oxide and steel shot. Our standard blast media is 36 grit aluminum.

Our System Complies With:

  • SPC 5, NACE 1, White Blast

  • SPC 6, Commercial Grade, 60% Coverage

  • SPC 10, NACE 2, Near White Blast

  • TT-C-490 Method I

  • LMN 331-2

  • TES-1401

We also provide high-volume tumble blast and spinner hanger shot blast to large cabinet individual part blasting. We remove rust, scale, and other contaminants from critical part surfaces prior to the application of your engineered coating system.